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Drive’s response to the HMIP Report on CRCs

“The report on CRCs is illustrative of an urgent need for systemic change and overhaul of our funding streams, commissioning models, and our understanding of perpetrator provision. This work is challenging, difficult, and demands a properly resourced multi-agency response to hold perpetrators to account. Victims and survivors must be at the core of this work – ensuring that safety and well-being is the goal.

This is why, during the Domestic Abuse Bill Consultation in May 2018, the Drive partnership produced a list of key recommendations to promote robust and comprehensive provision nationwide.

The recommendations are designed to ensure the UK has a strong response to perpetrators of domestic abuse – with high-quality interventions tailored to the individual, to disrupt their abuse and change their behaviour where possible. Any intervention must rely on strong police responses and multi-agency forums sharing information and resources.

Holding perpetrators to account is an essential aspect of ending the epidemic of domestic abuse – but the programmes must be rigorously tested and properly funded, with excellent support and training for staff members. This is something that the UK must strive to achieve to ensure there are no more missed opportunities and victims and survivors are receiving the support they need, when they need it.”

  • Kyla Kirkpatrick, Director of Drive

Drive is an intensive intervention that works with high-harm and serial perpetrators to challenge behaviour and prevent abuse.