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Drive and the Respect Phoneline launch advice service to help public and voluntary services respond to high-harm, high-risk perpetrators of domestic abuse

Drive, a service that specialises in working with high-harm, high-risk perpetrators, in partnership with the Respect Phoneline, is launching a new webchat service to provide advice for professionals working with perpetrators of domestic abuse during COVID-19 and beyond. The advice is available to all professionals, including:

  • probation officers,
  • social workers,
  • mental health and health care professionals,
  • domestic violence advisors,
  • police officers,
  • other professionals.

The webchat – which is funded by government as part of its response to the ongoing impact of the corona epidemic – is operated by a member of the Drive Expert Advisor team and hosted by the Respect Phoneline. An adviser will help respond to your urgent questions about working with perpetrators of domestic abuse, particularly where the perpetrators in question are high-harm, high-risk.

Speaking on the launch of this service, Director of Drive, Kyla Kirkpatrick said:

“We know a wide range of professionals come across people who they suspect or know to be high-harm, high-risk perpetrators in the course of their work. If any imminent danger is suspected, the police must be the first port of call, but Drive is on hand to offer you advice about longer-term strategies for responding safely to perpetrators whilst protecting child and adult victims. Unfortunately, many areas do not have access to specialist perpetrator services. Drive has expertise in multi-agency working and we can offer you support as you use the professional tools you have at your disposal to limit the risk such perpetrators pose to victims.”

The webchat is available to offer free support and guidance every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between the hours of 10am-12pm and 2-4pm.

To access the service, please click below.

If you need this service outside of these times or want to find out more information about the service, please email info@driveproject.org.uk.