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Restart Pilot Evaluation

Evaluation Aims

The Restart project has recently invited Red Quadrant to act as its external evaluator. The evaluation aims to assess the overall impact of Restart’s ability to identify and respond to patterns of domestic abuse at an earlier stage for families, understand its impact on the risk of homelessness and housing stability for survivors, and increase perpetrator engagement with behaviour change interventions.

Research Approach

Red Quadrant uses a community centred research model which centres on the voice and experience of victim-survivors. The plan is to recruit adult victim-survivors as community researchers to help develop research questions and approaches related to housing, relationships and perpetrator behaviour change.

The research tools created through this co-creation will be used through focus groups, semi-structured interviews and surveys with service users (adult victim-survivors and perpetrators), Restart staff, CSC/Housing practitioners and wider stakeholders. In addition, we would like to design an approach to hear the voice of children and young people who have parents engaged in the intervention. Red Quadrant will also analyse available service-level data.

Red Quadrant Team

Red Quadrant is an independent consultancy with considerable experience in domestic abuse services and expertise in evidence-gathering and evaluating similar projects. The consultancy team, comprised of Ellie Hutchinson, Claire Bethel, Frank Curran, and Neil Reeder, will be conducting surveys and interviews as well as partnering with community researchers to evaluate Restart’s impact as an intervention for families and victim-survivors experiencing domestic abuse.