Time to invest in preventing further abuse says charity, as new figures from the ONS show 35% of all violent crime is domestic abuse

Drive – which is a partnership of three organisations, Respect, SafeLives, and Social Finance – has said today that new figures from the ONS demonstrate the need for every political party to commit to publishing a national strategy on perpetrators of domestic abuse. Drive, which is an intensive intervention that works with high-harm perpetrators to […]

Second Reading of the Domestic Abuse Bill

Drive welcomes the Domestic Abuse Bill. There are many positive elements within it that will make a real difference to the lives of victims and survivors. However, we would like to see financial and strategic non-legislative commitments from the government – to accompany this Bill – that effectively challenge those perpetrators who cause the nearly […]

Drive welcomes appointment of DA Commissioner

Drive is delighted to welcome the new Domestic Abuse Commissioner, Nicole Jacobs, to her role. Her appointment, along with the promised Domestic Abuse Bill, provides an historic opportunity to turn the tide on domestic abuse and ensure perpetrators can no longer get away with their crimes.  Over two million adults in the UK experience domestic abuse […]

Drive welcome visit by Victoria Atkins, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Safeguarding and Vulnerability, and Minister for Women

The Drive partnership are delighted to have welcomed Victoria Atkins, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Safeguarding and Vulnerability and Minister for Women, to our site in Croydon today, discussing why it is so urgent we see a cross-government, comprehensive Perpetrator Strategy that challenges all those causing harm and holds them to account. A third of violent […]

Drive’s response to the pre-legislative committee on the Domestic Abuse Bill

“Today, Drive welcomes the Domestic Abuse Bill Committee’s recommendations for a cross-government response to domestic abuse and improved provision for perpetrators. We are pleased to see learnings from Drive mentioned as part of the Domestic Abuse Bill Committee’s evidence-base and we will continue to advocate for specialist interventions for the full spectrum of perpetrators – […]

Drive’s written evidence for the draft Domestic Abuse Bill

As part of the pre-legislative process for the Domestic Abuse Bill, Drive has submitted written evidence to the committee. Our written evidence is informed by the findings and learnings from the development of Drive and focuses on what needs to be done to improve the response to domestic abuse perpetrators on a UK-wide scale. Read […]

Evaluation of the Drive Project: Year 2 Research and Findings

Please click here to read the key findings from the University of Bristol’s Year 2 Executive Summary. Please click here to read the full Year 2 University of Bristol Evaluation. The Drive Project launched in April 2016 and is being piloted in three areas across England and Wales (Essex, South Wales and West Sussex) from […]

Drive’s response to the Domestic Abuse Bill

Drive welcomes the Domestic Abuse Bill as an important step forward, highlighting the need for provision that works comprehensively to protect and support victims/survivors, while also working to stop the abuse from being carried out by the person causing the harm – the perpetrator. We know that the response to perpetrators across the UK currently […]

Drive’s response to the HMIP Report on CRCs

“The report on CRCs is illustrative of an urgent need for systemic change and overhaul of our funding streams, commissioning models, and our understanding of perpetrator provision. This work is challenging, difficult, and demands a properly resourced multi-agency response to hold perpetrators to account. Victims and survivors must be at the core of this work […]