Drive’s written evidence for the draft Domestic Abuse Bill

As part of the pre-legislative process for the Domestic Abuse Bill, Drive has submitted written evidence to the committee. Our written evidence is informed by the findings and learnings from the development of Drive and focuses on what needs to be done to improve the response to domestic abuse perpetrators on a UK-wide scale. Read […]

Evaluation of the Drive Project: Year 2 Research and Findings

Please click here to read the key findings from the University of Bristol’s Year 2 Executive Summary. Please click here to read the full Year 2 University of Bristol Evaluation. The Drive Project launched in April 2016 and is being piloted in three areas across England and Wales (Essex, South Wales and West Sussex) from […]

Drive’s response to the Domestic Abuse Bill

Drive welcomes the Domestic Abuse Bill as an important step forward, highlighting the need for provision that works comprehensively to protect and support victims/survivors, while also working to stop the abuse from being carried out by the person causing the harm – the perpetrator. We know that the response to perpetrators across the UK currently […]

Drive’s response to the HMIP Report on CRCs

“The report on CRCs is illustrative of an urgent need for systemic change and overhaul of our funding streams, commissioning models, and our understanding of perpetrator provision. This work is challenging, difficult, and demands a properly resourced multi-agency response to hold perpetrators to account. Victims and survivors must be at the core of this work […]

Drive’s response to BBC 1: Panorama ‘Can Violent Men Change?’

Domestic abuse thrives on silence. We therefore welcome anything that opens up the conversation and the Panorama programme airing tonight ‘Can Violent Men Change?’  will do just that.  Too often perpetrators remain hidden and overlooked. They are left unaccountable and free to be abusive towards those closest to them. The Drive Partnership (Respect, SafeLives, Social […]

Domestic Abuse Bill Consultation

In advance of the Domestic Abuse Bill draft, the Home Office published a consultation for domestic abuse victims and survivors, services, statutory agencies, charities, and frontline professionals asking for their expertise in developing the Bill. Drive responded to the consultation and outlined the importance of a strategic whole picture approach, focusing on shifting the narrative […]

Evaluation of the Drive Project: Year 1 Feasibility Study

The Drive Project launched in April 2016, and is being piloted in three areas across England and Wales (Essex, South Wales and West Sussex) from 2016-2019. It is run by a partnership between Respect, SafeLives and Social Finance. The University of Bristol, acting as independent evaluators for the pilot, have now reported on their first year findings from […]

New project to hold perpetrators of domestic abuse to account

To reduce the number of domestic abuse victims, perpetrators must be challenged to change their behaviour, say specialist charities and three leading Police and Crime Commissioners. Two women die a week as a result of domestic homicide 100,000 people are at high risk of being murdered or seriously harmed every year Fewer than 1% of […]