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New training package launched to grow the workforce responding to perpetrators of domestic abuse

A workforce fit for the future

Respect, in partnership with SafeLives and the Drive Partnership, has announced a new package of training courses designed to safely meet the growing demand for effective responses and programmes for perpetrators of domestic abuse.

Over the last year, we have seen a shift in public narrative, policy and funding that has resulted in a significant increase in demand for perpetrator response services. Currently, the demand is outstripping the available workforce.

To ensure this work is safe, effective, and survivor-centred, we need to grow and develop a workforce that is skilled and confident in responding to perpetrators of domestic abuse.

This training package, developed by experts in perpetrator work, has been designed to both meet the immediate need for more programmes, and to lay the foundations for future growth, especially in areas where there is currently little to no provision.

These courses will upskill those currently working in perpetrator services, and support those with transferable skills to move into a career working with perpetrators, giving them the tools they need to confidently engage and challenge perpetrators of domestic abuse.

We anticipate a high demand for these courses so express an interest today to avoid disappointment.

Risk management in domestic violence perpetrator programmes

Expand your skillset with this 2-day course covering the principles behind risk identification and assessment.

Through a practical engagement with risk assessment tools and interviewing techniques, you will learn how to identify key risk factors to better manage domestic abuse perpetration.

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Integrated Support Service Worker: Essential Training

Learn how to offer a responsive, survivor-centred service that increases the safety of survivors, with this 3-day course.

See how the integrated support service keeps women and children safe, and learn to confidently advocate for survivors with a range of agencies. You will learn how to assess and respond to risk and safety planning, and respond to a variety of survivor support needs through individual and group support.

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Multi-Agency domestic abuse perpetrator panel training

A growing number of LA and PCC areas are seeking to develop multi-agency domestic abuse perpetrator panel forums. This 1-day event explores the aims of a multi-agency perpetrator panel and the roles and responsibilities of its members, and how this works in practice.

A perpetrator panel helps co-ordinate the management of risk and improve victim safety by focusing on perpetrators in order to prevent future abuse. Adapted from the Drive Project, learn best practice approaches to delivering this forum, from effective establishment to practical meeting management.

Ideal for those with interest or experience in multi-agency meetings.

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Responding to high harm high risk perpetrators of domestic abuse

Based on intensive, comprehensive training developed by the Drive Project intervention for perpetrators of domestic abuse, this OCN-accredited 12-day course is for domestic abuse practitioners and other cross-sector professionals with transferable skills. The course will improve their approach to this particular high-harm high-risk cohort.

Please note that this course requires a fee of £100 per participant.

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Individual work with perpetrators of domestic abuse

This 4-day course develops the confidence and skills to work one-to-one with perpetrators of domestic abuse.

Learn how to analyse incidents of abusive behaviour, helping perpetrators to address their denial, minimisation, and justification of abuse; and develop strategies to enhance their motivation to change.

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Facilitating groupwork for perpetrators of domestic abuse

Develop the skills and confidence to facilitate group work intervention with domestic abuse perpetrators with this 5-day course.

Working within a women’s and children’s safety and rights framework, you will learn to hold perpetrators to account for their abusive behaviour while motivating change to support respectful beliefs and behaviours.

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