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Evaluation of the Drive Project: Year 1 Feasibility Study

The Drive Project launched in April 2016, and is being piloted in three areas across England and Wales (Essex, South Wales and West Sussex) from 2016-2019. It is run by a partnership between Respect, SafeLives and Social Finance.

The University of Bristol, acting as independent evaluators for the pilot, have now reported on their first year findings from Drive. The aim of their first year’s feasibility study was to determine whether the intervention could be effectively assessed, rather than to create a full evaluation of the effectiveness of the intervention. That comprehensive evaluation will be the basis of their work in Year 2 and Year 3.

Whilst the content of their first year’s study was therefore on methodology, they have also been able to identify early, indicative findings from their scrutiny of the work case managers are doing with this high harm group of individuals.

As to be expected, the sample size of completed cases in the first year of a 10 month intervention is small. For that reason these emerging findings must be treated with caution. However, we consider there to be reason to be cautiously optimistic about the effectiveness of the intervention, and its potential to form part of a broader spectrum of responses to those who perpetrate abuse.