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Drive’s response to the pre-legislative committee on the Domestic Abuse Bill

“Today, Drive welcomes the Domestic Abuse Bill Committee’s recommendations for a cross-government response to domestic abuse and improved provision for perpetrators.

We are pleased to see learnings from Drive mentioned as part of the Domestic Abuse Bill Committee’s evidence-base and we will continue to advocate for specialist interventions for the full spectrum of perpetrators – ensuring that every perpetrator receives an intervention to prevent and end abusive behaviour.

We also welcome the Committee’s recommendation that there must be sufficient provision of quality assured interventions for a wide range of perpetrators, suitable for all risk levels, across the statutory and voluntary sector. These must be supported by funding and commissioning structures and expert providers.

At the heart of this work is a central question – how do we make victims and children safer, sooner? We urgently need comprehensive support for all victims and children that meets their needs – but to end domestic abuse, we must also ensure perpetrators are held to account for their abusive behaviour.”

  • Kyla Kirkpatrick, Director of Drive