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Drive calls for urgent funding for domestic abuse organisations working to manage the risks that perpetrators pose

As part of the Home Affairs Select Committee Enquiry on Home Office preparedness for covid-19, Drive has submitted a response highlighting the urgent need for government funding to ensure that services across the country responding to domestic abuse are able to keep up with increasing demand.

While promises of extra funding from the government, particularly those from the Chancellor in regards to charities, and the Home Secretary in regards to domestic abuse services, are very welcome, service providers have yet to see any extra funding. Meanwhile, demand for services is rising while many service providers are quickly trying to adapt to new ways of working during the covid-19 lockdown and simultaneously struggling to maintain staff and provide services with a loss of fundraising and other streams of income.

Veronica Oakeshott, Public Affairs and Policy Lead, Drive, said:

“Domestic abuse services – including services working to manage perpetrators’ behaviour – are seeing a huge surge in demand. We’ve had welcome promises from government, but so far, the money is not flowing. It is now urgent that government provides the vital funding that life-saving services need to cope with demand.”

Read our written evidence, submitted to the Home Affairs Committee, here.