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Helen’s Story

Content warning – this video contains descriptions and discussion of domestic abuse.

What needs to happen to stop the abuse?

The Domestic Abuse Act became law in April 2021. In this Act there is a legal commitment from the government to publish a strategy focusing on perpetrators of domestic abuse. Its time to make sure the strategy is a good one! Done right, it could turn the tide on domestic abuse, done wrong, nothing changes and victims are still left doing all the hard work to keep themselves safe.

Join us to make sure that this is a high quality Perpetrator Strategy, shaped by victim/survivor views.

Who can help change the story?

The government is now responsible for publishing the Perpetrator Strategy within a year. We welcome its plan to do this as part of a wider domestic abuse strategy.

The Call to Action for a Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Strategy sets out the five elements that according to over 100 experts, including survivors and organisations, must be included by government in the Perpetrator Strategy for it to be safe and effective. Click here to find out more about the 5 things that need to be covered.

MPs can play a part by encouraging the Home Secretary and other Ministers (we want every government department to be involved) to ensure it is a robust strategy, that includes quality funded responses for every kind of domestic abuse perpetrator alongside comprehensive funding for victims’ services. We also want to see support for professionals from every sector – health, housing, education etc – to know how to respond safely when they come across domestic abuse perpetrators.

Currently, funding for perpetrator interventions mostly sits with the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in each area, so they can make a difference too. We want them to fund interventions that include strong victim support services, which are an essential part of quality perpetrator work.

How can I help?

Please share Helen’s story and tag your local MP or PCC, telling them why it matters to you that the perpetrator strategy is a good one. You can find your local PCC here.

If you are part of a voluntary, statutory or academic organisation engaging with victims or perpetrators of domestic abuse and want to sign our Call to Action, please email us on info@driveproject.org.uk and show your support for the creation of a comprehensive Perpetrator Strategy that addresses perpetrators’ behaviour effectively. Current signatories can be seen in the image below.

Get help if you are experiencing abuse

If you, or someone you know, is in immediate danger always call 999 and ask for the police.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, or are supporting someone who is in that situation, help is available.

If you suspect that an abuser is monitoring your internet usage, find out how to hide your browser history.

If you are worried about your own behaviour

Please contact Respect’s free phoneline at 0808 802 4040